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Wasn't me, MamaWick!



She's eating dinner, but not really interested in breakfast.  She's still much better than she was last week. 


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Hey @MamaWick  got a buck to spare? 🤣 Awesome pics. Hi Cricket 🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️

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Re: DEER Friday 07/23/2021

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@MamaWick   I am so glad Cricket is feeling better and eating.  I'm hoping the improvement continues.

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Wonderful our little lady is eating!


Dinner is served!Smiley Happy

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@MamaWick Thanks for sharing your pictures with the forum and it is good to hear Cricket is eating!  I miss my boy so badly, give Cricket extra hugs and belly rubs.

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Glad to hear that Crickets is eating her dinner...continuing prayers for her......


WOW what a fantastic closeup of that handsome Buck!!!  But was he the bad boy that knocked over your carrots for him! 😉

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yay Cricket is eating ❤️

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It looks like Buck day at the Wick's!!!!  The guys look great, their antlers so impressive!  Great photos all the way around of our woodland friends!


My best to Cricket and hopefully she will continue to eat and build up some strength.  We are all rooting for her as the posts show!  She is as much part of the posts as all the deer are and we do care.

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Thank you so much for the beautiful photos. Maybe knocking over that plant was a way to call you to hand out some carrots. 


I'm glad sweet Cricket is continuing to eat and feeling better.

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Banana peel, carrots and oops! someone knocked over the plant.  The deer are all beautiful as usual.  Cricket, girl, you look a little down to me.  Take a nice long nap and you will feel better. Sweet dreams little one.

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