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They came running from 2 different directions when I rang the bell today. 













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Mama & Papa Wick & Cricket Wick are back!


Looks as if everyone has something to say today.  Thank you Wick Family, for all you do.



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That is so cute!

They are ready and they are so happy you are back!

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Do the deer have their mouths open because they are hot? Cricket always finds the best places to sleep. That girl knows how to get comfortable!

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Boy, are they eager to see you!  Look how happy & smiling they all are.  Looks like a few of them were talking to you.  Thanks for sharing your "cheery" day with your adopted deer.  Poor Sweet Cricket, she missed it all.




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I still think ringing a dinner bell for deer ---and they come --- is a real hoot!  😂

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Looks like our woodland friends found some customers on the way!  Carrots and water at the Wick's, let's go, I hear the bell ringing!  Ahhh, good eats for all, this is our safe place where the food is good and the humans so kind!  We're content and our girlfriend, Cricket so fine!!!!!!  Good food and drink!

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That must have been a sight, MamaWick!

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Beautiful pics as always!!  And darling Cricket looks so comfy and relaxed!  Heart

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@MamaWick    What a wonderful welcome your dear deer give you.  I can't wait until they bring their little ones to meet the Wicks!

Woofs and gentle kisses to Cricket.  She know how to relax.  💕