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@Elri wrote:


Though it originated in Scotland, I see no Scots fighting for the medal.  Hoot, man.

Maybe the Scots also think it's kind of silly.

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You have probably seen this, but it cracks me up every time.

@faeriemoonHa!  Too funny.


There is something about watching curling that can be interesting yet a natural cure for insomnia.  LOL


It must be difficult to learn if it's worthy of the Olympics.

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There's a weird synergy between the Scots and Canucks. (I can say that since I have dual Canadian/American citizenship, ha.)  There's such a strong strain of Scottish in the Canadian psyche.  Ontario and the Maritimes had heavy migration, and at one time the Canadian banking industry was much dominated by those of Scottish descent.


One reason Canadians say 'hoose' for house and 'aboot' or 'abote' for about, is the early Scottish influence among settlers....


So I'm not surprised that the baffling and amusingly eccentric sport of curling "took" in Canada.   My Dad had English and Welsh background, not Scottish, but as a Canadian, when he was asked to fill out a curling league, he agreed automatically, despite the teasing we gave him....

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@faeriemoon   I cracked up, too.  Thanks for sharing!