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@qualitygal  I've always loved doing crossword puzzles.  They can really challenge the brain!

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Yes, I enjoy crosswords, but not the hard ones. In fact,I might do some while the football game is on tonight.

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I love Scrabble and crossword puzzles. Actually, the crossword puzzles are practice and information for Scrabble. The best Scrabble opponents I've had are usually dedicated crossword solvers. 

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Love crossword puzzles.  I subscribe to the NY Times and its puzzles and do the 2 crosswords, spelling bee and letter box every day.  It kills time and keeps my brain active.



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Something to add to your game mix: Words with Friends II app.   You can play as many folks as you want !  You can chat or not, up to you.


Easy to learn interesting words and facts !

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Re: Crossword puzzle

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I recently finished a big book of NY Times crossword puzzles.  And just started a new big book of them...1,000!  Got it on Amazon.


i can do about half of them without having to peek at the answer pages!  Hope by the end of the book I have a higher percentage! 

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Just a few days ago, I discovered Mind Games online. They have all sorts of word games, including crossword puzzles.


But I'm hooked right now on their TextTwist 2 game. Basically, you're given a set of letters and need come up with a word using all of them.

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I love word games.  I have several on my phone - Wordscapes, Wordstacks, Word Search and Uncrossed. 

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Yes, I used to do at least two crossword puzzles plus other puzzles every day.  I am doing more number games/puzzles these days.  Sudoku, kakuro, and right now I'm addicted to nonograms.


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I do the daily NYT puzzle, Jumbo, and cryptograms.