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@Kachina624 Maybe she did cut it after taking those darn extensions out. They can be damaging. But, whatever she's done, she looks lovely with it shorter.  

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Love Courtney's new hairstyle.  Very flattering.


I just might 'copy' her!  



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@spent2much wrote:

Can someone post a pic of her shorter hair?  I don't do Instagram.  Thanks.







Check out the video for this item (shoes) which she showed early this morning:


ETA- I wear my hair just like her's...same length, same style, parted down the middle, and my hair is also very dark brown, almost black.

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I think Courtney is very pretty and looks good with short or long hair. I love long hair and think her long hair was gorgeous.

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A while back her extensions seemed to be annoying her. And on some shows you could see the area where they were applied. Her hair looks darker to me too, more like it was when she first came to QVC. I like her look better now.  Smiley Happy

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Courtney has been honest in the past with her hair. She wears extensions and so she removed them and got it cut.