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Costco and/or BJ shoppers

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I am thinking of becoming a member again to one or the other.....

One of things that I am REALLY looking for is organic meats and ESPECIALLY

organic chicken sliced thin and individually wrapped.

Do either of these club stores carry the above?

Thank you.


packed like this 


Image result for perdue individually wrapped chicken breast


Image result for perdue individually wrapped chicken breast 

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

We only have  a Costco.  My best advice is to call corporate and ask and you have to know each area has a different selection of things.  

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

I don't usually buy chicken at Costco, but I think I've seen it there.


Call or go in and look around before you join again...

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

The club's used to give one day passes where you could go in and check them out.

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

costoc sells that kind of chicken i do not know about bj since none in my area? sams does not sell that kind of chicken. some times you may find better deals through a farmer or whole foods. might check there no membership fees. costoco memebership is 100 for the best and lowest is 55 dollars. the best you do get money back each year depending on how much you buy.

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

I belong to Costco.  We don't have a BJ where I live.  We've been members at Costco and are the original Price Club members (that's what it was called before it became Costco).  I our son used to work at Price Club!  He's now 44.  I absolutely love Costco.  Yes, they carry organic chicken and also organic beef as well as lots of organic products.  You can ask to walk thru the store without a membership, but you cannot purchase anything with the exception of prescription meds.

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

@Abrowneyegirl, I'm a member of Costco and they sell organic chicken wrapped individually like pictured.  I haven't looked for the chicken sliced thin so don't know about that.  (At least at my Costco).   


I just took some out of the freezer.  Woman LOL

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

I have memberships to both and specifically joined Costco for the larger selection of organic products. I have not seen chicken at Costco that is thin like that, but I haven't looked for it either. I know they do have skinless breasts that are organic, but you would have to slice them yourself and Foodsaver them.

BJ's has far less organic, at least in my stores.

I don't know where you live, but Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, or a similar local store might have something like that. Another option might be to check a local organic meat farmer and get a Foodsaver.

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

I belong to both and they do have this item. If you are thinking about joining Costco, the $100 membership will pay for itself at the end of the year. I like both for different reasons.

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Re: Costco and/or BJ shoppers

I don't know what a BJ is.  Costco, yes.

Concerning organic - please be certain you find out where the meats orginate.  I've had vendors offer me samples of "All Natural, Organic Meats" and I ask "Where does it come from? I was told Mexico.   Now, I have traveled to that country where meats are UNGRADED - just butchered and sold.  No thank you, I prefer meat that is graded and frozen for health reasons and not meat/s from other countries where animals are fed anything nor given vaccines for certain parasites or diseases.  As always, keep vigilant of your health and the food you eat and drink. 

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