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I was the victim of fraud and all my money from my checking and savings was withdrawn and I have a zero balance.  Never, never, use the shortcut for your password so you don't need to remember it -- it's a scam.

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hi @Katcat1 


I am sorry to read this.  What happened?  They wired money out from your bank using your online password?


Have you contacted the bank?  Did you know who did this?  The bank can probably track where the money was sent.  It usually takes a couple days for a wire or ACH to clear the banking system, they may be able get it back.  



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Re: Consumer Beware

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I'm so sorry this happened to you. 
When I log in from my iPad or phone, I use my fingerprint. 
If I use my laptop, I have to enter my full password. 

But we all have to be extra careful these days. I have limits on transaction amounts on all of my financial accounts. If the limit is reached, I'm notified immediately by text and email. 

And I'm notified of any transactions at gas stations.  

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@Katcat1 oh no - that's terrible!  what a shock!  have you contacted the bank?  They may have insurance that can cover your loss (not sure, but maybe)


I had a situation years ago.  you know you order more checks from the bank and they send it via us mail? Well, someone stole the checks from my mailbox, used them and wiped out my bank account.  I found out when I was receiving calls that checks I had written were bouncing!  Horrible.  Anyway, the bank reimbursed my money.  So it ended well for me.  Hope your situation has a happy resolution.


Do you know how someone was able to get your password?   A data breach at the bank?


Take care of yourself, fingers crossed you get all you $$ back very soon.  And they catch the bad guys who did this to you.

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Re: Consumer Beware

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@Katcat1     do you use a debit card that is connected to all your accounts? That is probably the worst thing you can do is use a debit card.... I never use one. I just have a designated credit card that I buy everything with that I use ..... pay it off each month in full... no connection to my banking accounts that way if the card is ever stolen.

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@Katcat1 - Not sure what you mean by "the shortcut for your password".


What "shortcut" are you referring to?

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Yes, it would be helpful to know exactly what the issue was.


I'm not familiar with a "password shortcut"  and have never encountered that term anywhere I sign in.

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Re: Consumer Beware

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I feel so bad for you. I hope you're able to get help from your bank. Make sure to go to your police, also.

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@Katcat1   First, I'm so sorry this happened to you.  


Can you elaborate on "shortcut for password?"  I've never heard of this before.

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OMG how horrible.   I feel so bad for you.  Maybe your bank can help.  


I've been using a credit card for everything too - too dangerous to use debit or checking.


I also never heard of a shortcut for password.


Good luck - hope you get this straightened out and get some relief.