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I’m cleaning up my kitchen tonight and the tv is turned on to Food Network.

Okay so the commercial about “pooping women” comes on and then…

a new commercial I’ve never seen: Welcome to my v+g+N+.


Look, I’m an old woman, but what? Just when I’m tryin’ to get used to the pooping thing, we have to welcome the other thing.



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@Malcontent    I agree, there are some things that don't need advertisement.  How about a little old fashioned discretion?  It's all too much.  I send emails to obnoxious advertisers and avoid their products. 

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I agree. They can sell a product without this  pooping v+g+n+ nonsense. 

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For some reason, these things don't bother me. I like 'truth' in advertising. So talking openly and in basic language about this kind of stuff is not offensive to me. 


What I can't stand are all the prescription medication commercials. Most never tell you what the medication is for. And it's not like we can just go out and buy it, it needs to be prescribed. Are millions of us seeing those commercials and running to the doctor and asking to be put on them? Those are the ones that bug me.

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what about that commercial with the older man just getting a hearing aid and now he is able to pick up what his daughter is trying to tell her boyfriend, but, her parents are in the room, so, she is trying to be discreet and whisper to the boyfriend did he make a run to the pharmacy.


Dad hollers "she wants to know if you picked up the con***s"


Kind of funny, but, is nothing sacred ?

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Or, the first few seconds is how great the product is and the next few minutes is how the product will probably kill you.

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The PURPOSE of commercials is to get your attention.   It seems to have succeeded    (!!)

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It's a whole diffferent world from what it used to be.

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Normal bodily functions here and it don't bother me. 

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Keeping reality hush, hush is ridiculous!!  They need to be public.  We all poop and pass gas, etc.  Men and  women do  not know things about even their own bodies let alone the other sexes!  It's surprising how many women do not know much about their female body parts and men often do not have a clue - even ones married for years and years!!  Why such secrecy?