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For some crazy reason I am liking the Cape Cod potato chips commercial where the woman is munching on her chips in a total state of bliss being transformed by the mist of the ocean whilst actually getting misted by a gardener watering the plants.  She is really enjoying those chips.  What a nut!!  But I think its funny.

Flowers are nature's way of laughing
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@ID2 wrote:

I never watch commercials! I mainly dvr the programs I like to watch and fast forward through commercials. The commercials mentioned here I've never seen. 


I do the same, and although I've briefly seen some of the commercials mentioned here, there are a lot that I have never seen.  I don't sit and watch commercials  - I fast-forward past them.


(I'm sure some of the ones mentioned are regional because that's usually the case in threads similar to this one.)