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Coach Sam Mendez, "Who Says I Can't"?


Mendez was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, which left him without arms or legs.


Mendez didn’t allow his differences to limit him, though, and developed a passion for coaching by learning the game of football by playing Madden video games.


With a dream of one day becoming a head football coach, Mendez worked for years as an assistant at various schools, until he was finally given the opportunity he’d been working for. Mendez took over as the coach for Prospect High’s JV team, and led his players to an incredible 8-2 season.



“Complaining is my No. 1 poison. So I try to stay positive. You hear stories about people with cancer, fighting for their lives. I’m fighting to have something to drink. To feel comfortable. So I try not to complain. It doesn’t lead to a good place. It just makes me mad…. You know how Ironman gets in his suit and he just starts flying everywhere? That’s how I feel in my chair. It gives me this sense of independence.”

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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Re: Coach Sam Mendez, "Who Says I Can't"?

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Re: Coach Sam Mendez, "Who Says I Can't"?

Much respect.  Thank you for this inspirational share.