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@Tink2730,  those are thoughtful and sensible practices, many of which I'm sure other houses of worship will adopt, with variations.  Nice of you to post a sample 'road-map" for others to peruse!


I'll continue with online services from our church for a while, due to having some pesky underlying health conditions, but it's so important for faith communities to be planning and preparing, as yours is doing.

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Our church is going to offer communion by having people line up 6 feet apart and come into the church, receive communion and exit by a different door.

They still are saying when church resumes, that if you are over 65, stay home. Likewise if you have allergies (coughing/sneezing is distracting) and if you have any chronic health issues.

These rules are being made by the church. The priests don’t want to be exposed and they want all the parishioners to be safe as well.

Mass is broadcast every Sunday on the local cable access channel and they are set up for online donations. There is no reason to rush to open until they see what happens as people start to interact together.

My employer is being cautious as well. We may be working from home full time until July, at least. Since there is still much unknown with this virus, I am happy for the more conservative approach.
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Today I read in the Los Angeles Times that in all but a few counties in the state will be able to have churches services in person. But they must follow the reasonable restrictions.


Now some churches are fighting the restrictions.

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If I were younger and in good health, I would not have a problem with this situation of reopening.  I think for those of us older, it is a wait and see.


I'd like to go back to services, but am not comfortable doing it now but it is good to see the thoughtfulness churches are exhibiting. 

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@lovesrecess My church is not having a choir for the forseeable future. We also are not having Sunday School. We've gone to 3 Sunday morning services from our usual 2. The first one is reserved for Senior Citizens only, the second is for anyone, the third is geared toward families with young children. Every other pew is roped off (with a "Thou Shalt Not Sit Here" sign! Smiley Very Happy) and we are social distancing within pews. It's also been recommended that if you are high-risk to please stay home. Or even if you just don't really feel comfortable returning. All services are live-streamed.


We've been open for the last two Sundays, and it's going well. Enough time is left between services so that everyone can leave, and the sanctuary & restrooms cleaned. Contributions can be done on line, by mail, or there's a slotted box at the main entrance.

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@Sooner wrote:

@wishmoon wrote:

I'm non-religious but I used to be a believer and KNOW that they'll pass the collection plate but will probably put a new spin on it. You'll probably have to dump your envelope in a box with a slit on top.

@wishmoon As a non-believer, I fail to see either your point or your interest in weighing in on this.


As a lot of us do, my contributions are sent electronically once a month, then I also donate to certain groups such as disaster recovery or food pantry as I see fit, and also electronically.  So no problem there.


I do miss going to services, but neither my faith or my outlook on things has changed since we are attenting online now.  And there is no formal way I would have to touch anyone when services return. 


We also have online daily devotions and special messages on the facebook page, and other videos about hymns and their origins and traditions, etc. so I have in a small way felt even more connected recently with all the material made available of recent.  


It's all good, and we will be provided for I'm sure!  No worries about that here.  

Sooner, please don't tell me what I can/cannot comment on. Especially since religion isn't even supposed to be mentioned here. Try minding your own business for a change.

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@Boomernichols wrote:

Will there be communion passed when things open back up?  Will we pass an offering plate?  What will the future of our churches look like?   I attend a small church in north Mississippi and we always post a member at the door to hand out bulletins and welcome guests.  What will the new normalcy be like do you suppose?




IMO,   For the foreseeable future, being in crowds is just asking for trouble.


If you wish to pray to your higher power, you don't have to go to a special building to do it.  You can do it from wherever you happen to be.