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Don't know what will happen but they all should do away with "shake hands with those around you". 

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@golding76  Hi there! So, please forgive my ignorance as I don't know much about religions, but I was just curious as to how the Communion is handled since you mentioned that it's a community spoon and a cup?


So, I make sure I'm understanding this correctly, so is it a little cup you drink out of? Did the person before you drink out of the SAME cup? And so on and so forth?


If so, I can understand your concern(s). I couldn't do that. Even pre-Covid19...I don't even drink after my kids, I never have. Just totally grosses me out. 


Do they make exceptions like if you want to bring your own little cup can you do that? Also, in regards to kissing the priest hand, perhaps they can come up with a better option maybe a nod, or some other gesture. 





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@Boomernichols   Why ask us?  Why not ask your Pastor?

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Thank you for asking for a clearer explanation.  Yes, our participation in Communion goes like this:


The priest prepares the Communion wine with bits of blessed bread in it at the altar and blesses it.


We (hundreds of us in my parish) line up to receive the Holy Eucharist from the priest.  Most of the time, there are two priests and we form two lines.


The priest dips a small spoon into the cup containing the wine with bread and we each drink from that same spoon.


I, too, never drink after anyone -- even my two precious children.  So, yes, I have always been apprehensive of this practice but, as a believer in my faith, have continued to receive Communion in this manner.


My heart tells me I will never be comfortable doing this again. 


A boy receives communion from a Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest in the village of Krylos, western Ukraine, in July 2012.

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Special to @BrandiDavis and @golding76 ,


I just had to write and commend your exchange.  @BrandiDavis ,  thank you so much for your respectful, sensitive and tactful way of putting your questions about another's faith.  And @golding76 ,  thank you for your characteristically thoughtful and thorough response to Brandi.


Sometimes, in the threads that touch on matters of religion, there are critical, dismissive or mocking posts that just hurt my heart --  you two show how it can be done.  Much appreciated.

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I think the ofering plate will still be passed.  Our church used baskets on poles to reach far down the pew.

The "peace be with you" was a smile and a wave. 

Perhaps the comunion wafer will be in individual cups.  You could abstain.  I think God would understand.

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@golding76Thanks for the glimpse into your churches service.  I hope things are resolved so all can gather in faith once more.  Just a thought and forgive please if I over step.  Could there be a personal "Non-porous" material type of Prayer card that could be placed between you and the Icon?  That way everyone could still participate in a close way but still try to keep safe.  Faith and congregation is important and I hope all will be well in the future.

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To those who still shake hands, perhaps Double glove your right hand and once the sign of peace is given. peel of the top glove and you will still have the second glove on for protection.

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candy's mine,


Your suggestion is excellent!


You and I have been working on this challenge, I see.  LOL


Last night I was wondering if my priest would be offended if I brought in a small -- and new, clean -- piece of clear plastic to place between my lips and his hand when I am supposed to kiss his hand.  Sounds absurd, I know.  (I'm working this, I tell you.  I feel very guilty since I was corresponding with his dear wife yesterday.  Perhaps I can gently bring up my apprehensions with her.  I just don't know which way to go on this.)


The same piece of clear plastic could be used to protect me when I kiss the icons, etc.  Truth be told, I have recently taken to placing only my forehead on these objects with an occasional placing of lips on them.


Yesterday, I cited that Western Christianity and Eastern Christianity have never been able to become one church again, as they were before their schism in 1056.  For those who are unfamiliar with this history, what are now the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church were one church before 1056.  If inflexibility has kept them apart until this day, you know no changes are coming.  At least, that's what I think.  

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@Qgirl26 wrote:


@wishmoon wrote:

I'm non-religious but I used to be a believer and KNOW that they'll pass the collection plate but will probably put a new spin on it. You'll probably have to dump your envelope in a box with a slit on top.

@wishmoon, we don't HAVE to do anything.

Oh yeah, you do. You MUST pay the piper. LOL When an atheist knows more than a supposedly religious person, that's bad!