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My go to for beautiful gift baskets is Manhattan Fruitier.  They are located in Manhattan and hand deliver there, but also ship via UPS everywhere.  


Every person I have sent one of their baskets to for everything from birthdays to the holidays to sympathy baskets always loves them.   They use wooden crates and baskets and have wonderful dried and fresh fruits, bakery items, and gift items.  

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With so people on special diets,food is a difficult gift. Gift Cards are a better idea.

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@Baylie  One year, I gave all the my adult children gift baskets.

However, they were not sweets and goodies.


  December always seems to be cold and flu season, here in the Northeast, so I made baskets that had what might be needed,

when illness hits. (As a former Girl Scout, I have always tried to be prepared).


  I bought five large baskets and filled each with: a digital, no contact thermometer, Celestial Seasonings Wellness Teas, including Cold Care and Sleepytime, cough drops, Cold- Eeze and cans of Progresso chicken soups, a jar of honey and a box of tissues.


  For other gift baskets, I have filled with assorted things like:

Pepperidge farm cookies, teas, jams, the recipients favorite candies and from, dried fruits and nuts.

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I love chocolates and Sees Candies has some yummy choices ( or more than one) you can order online. Another good choice is Dewars candies; just order my Son an assortment of taffy. He hasn't had an for ten years but was very receptive.

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I'll 2nd suggestions of Sugarbush Farm from Vermont and StoneWall Kitchens from Maine.  Both sell good tasting, quality products.

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@Baylie   Harry & David.  Sent it to my bro and SIL and they enjoyed them.

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@Baylie wrote:
Does anyone have any suggestions for food gift baskets. I want to spend about $200 but they do not drink so I just need food (mostly sweets) and no wine. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I posted this on Among Friends too but I’m getting desperate!

@Baylie, my very detailed post regarding Olive & Cocoa has been removed.  My fault.  I should have known better than to include a link. This was my very first removed post, and I have been here since the beginning, when the boards were called Shop Talk!  Oh, well!  I had some nice pictures of their beautiful wood crates, too!


I had written that my nephew's family gifted our family with an amazing wood crate (with lid).   The presentation is lovely and the crate is a beautiful keepsake once all the goodies have been enjoyed.  


Since you said you wanted to spend about $200, you will definitely find something in your price range.  I was overwhelmed by the beautiful gift when my nephew presented it to us last Christmas.  Just Google Olive & Cocoa and check out the food gifts.