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Those all sound good but I forgot to add that I need a basket to be delivered so I can’t fill it myself.
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@Baylie  I've ordered corporate gift baskets from Harry and David, Costco and Wine Country Gift Baskets. They all offer a variety of items and prices. Wine Country does not just do wine, so they have plenty of baskets that have chocolate, cookies, crackers, tea and coffee. If you just want chocolate you can try, Asher's Chocolates, Fannie May Chocolates or any of the gourmet chocolate companies.

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I forgot an item... it is the most wonderful olive oil grown right here south of is called 

"Makripodis" olive oil. It is light and tastes so good!

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While I like some of the Harry & David baskets, and all those in their sister lines of Wolferman's, VitalChoice, etc their shipping can be a little costly unless you join their Celebrations Passport membership. 

I like the selection of offerings from Costco. I don't know if membership is required.


You can usually find box bundles on sites like Omaha Steaks, Kanasa City Steak Company, and Rastelli's. Usually free shipping when a threshold amount is met. Most seafood sites have expensive shipping since it's overnight.


Another option is a site like Taste of Chicago, or my favorite Goldbelly. Specific type of foods, or specific restaurants, specific regional items can be found. They also have some food subscriptions like pizza of the month, cake of the month, ribs of the month in 3, 6, and 12 month increments. There are also gift cards available.


One thing I keep in mind this time of year is to wait until Black Friday and that weekend to see any additional sales or savings, or free shipping that might be offered.

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@Baylie   Agree w/Wine Country!  They are DA BOMB!


2 weeks before Christmas I send all my children & their significant others a huge gift gourmet food/wine basket for their homes to enjoy throughout the holidays.


Plenty of goodies for when "guest" drop buy during the holidays.  They don't have to go out to buy anything.  I have it on good authority that the "significant others" can't wait for their goody basket to arrive.  Smiley Very Happy

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If you cannot make the basket yourself I highly recommend Harry & David. 

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If you have a Hickory Farms Store, they have items you can use.  

A nice candle is another item to put in the basket.  

Harry and David items. 


I'm certain you have a nice basket or two in mind.  

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@Baylie   Well that makes a big difference...guess you will have to shop on line and pick out what is offered.

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@Baylie Give Sugarbush Farms a try. They are a family run cheese/gift farm in Woodstock, VT. Quality cheeses & syrups, etc., I send to family and get myself every year, and they also have gift selections you can check out on their website.

Also, LL Bean also offers gift basket type selections.  

I love them both!!!

Good luck..

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I think it is really hard for us to make suggestions when we have no idea what the recipient likes. 

Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?