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Christmas Tree Shoppes and Fall

For those of you who are fortunate to have a Christmas Tree Shoppe near you, they have some beautiful Fall items and such reasonable prices.   I stopped in to browse to kill some time while my daughter went into the mall.   Oh my!  I didn't expect to purchase, just look.  Well, that went right out the window!


I bought beautiful Fall table place mats, a gorgeous wreath for the front door.  My front door is a medium/dark wood and I like something light colored to stand out.  In the past, I've used traditional Fall colors on the door, but today I saw this grapevine wreath with light cream color pumpkins, and fall flowers in light colors to coordinate and large pine cones.  It's so pretty and different than the traditional orange/yellow/red colors. 


I also couldn't leave without some Seattle's Best flavored ground coffee in a few fall flavors.


If you have the chance, stop by there.  You won't leave empty handed!

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Re: Christmas Tree Shoppes and Fall

I love Christmas Tree Shoppes.


The one I go to is just on the outskirt of the mall and last time I went I also noticed that there was a brand new Kirklands at the mall.  


Good thing they are a bit away or I would be in really big trouble!

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Re: Christmas Tree Shoppes and Fall

Shops like this are so much fun.  I'm fortunate to have two Christmas shops within 8 miles selling mostly Christmas decor throughout the year except add Spring and Fall things in February and July.  


Busy throughout the year, January through December.  

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Re: Christmas Tree Shoppes and Fall

They do have lovely stuff 

have cut down on buying decor stuff but absolutely love their paper goods. Such fab design 

always get hand towels for the powder room there 

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Re: Christmas Tree Shoppes and Fall

We had one of the shops here but it closed in less than a year...but the parking lot was always full...I loved looking around at all their pretty seasonal things...and bought way too much of it,
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Re: Christmas Tree Shoppes and Fall

I love that store!  Hubby won't go with me because I stay for hours and he can't drag me out.  I do a Fall trip and a Christmas trip.  My friends and I are planning a Walmart trip next Saturday....maybe we'll do Christmas Tree Shoppe instead.  I'm sure they'll go for that.  

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Re: Christmas Tree Shoppes and Fall

I was just there this week too! I love that store. I've bought everything from kitchen curtains to organic cornmeal there!

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