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How long do you keep Christmas cards before tossing them?

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I pack them with the Christmas decorations so I can refresh my mind as to who sent cards next Christmas. Ususally from the same friends and relatives.

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I do the same thing.  Otherwise, I am prone to forgetting.  Plus, next year when I am getting the decorations out, I love looking at them again. 

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I am probably in the minority here, but I read them, show them to DH and then trash them.  I have the same Christmas card list for years, so I will continue to send them out until?????

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I put mine in the recycle bin yesterday.  Sometimes I keep them a little bit longer.

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I save the picture cards in a manila envelope labeled with the year.  I also place cards with special notes in them in there too.  The rest I recycle.

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Such an interesting question, @Phillygurrl. I toss some when I take down decorations, but I keep my favorites. I use these to make gift tags and small boxes for the next year. 

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Mine are still taped to my front doors. I like to see them as I go up & down the stairs. One day I will decide to take them down. There is no set time.

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@Phillygurrl wrote:

How long do you keep Christmas cards before tossing them?


I cut off the front and tape it over the Chico logo on the front of their bag in which I tuck a Christmas gift the next year.  Same with other bags if they are classy enough.


I add a jingle bell or satin wrapped ball with bow to the satin cord handles of the bag and write a “ To / From “ on the bag.


Reused: tissue paper, bag, Christmas card


Time saved: no fighting with wrapping paper, tiny gift   tags


Checklist:  I have my annual gift lists from years ago.  Keeps me from repeating same gifts.


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When the decorations and tree are taken down the cards go into the trash  Smiley Sad

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