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I was curious about a lot of things, but I don't remember ever searching for presents before Christmas.  If there was a secret closet in our house, it's location was unknown to me.

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I did the same thing with presents and got pretty good at it. Also went through the dresser drawers when no one was looking!


When I was a kid, parents could go to a neighbors or the market and leave kids home with no problem. I loved it.

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I'm pretty sure I never snooped for Christmas presents.  There wasn't too much mystery - I always got flannel pajamas and one or two toys.  


I would just put the gifts I bought in my closet.  I figured if they were going to snoop, they were just ruining it for themselves.

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I snooped as a kid and I still do. I am the best rewrapper you ever saw.  

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One year my sister and I sneaked down in the night an unwrapped a few gifts, just enough to see what was inside...Christmas morning was not a lot of fun.

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When my fiends told me there was no Santa...they told me to look for gifts in closets....


I did and I was so disappointed that I cried....Christmas was never the same

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I have to say, I didn’t snoop.  We didn’t get loads of presents, but always got 4 or 5 things, probably 1-2 clothes items, and maybe three toys.  Plus a stocking full of small items.  I laugh, because our “big” gifts were usually, maybe $20-25.  A cassette player, a radio, etc.  My sister and I wanted to be surprised.  One Christmas, my mother “hid” the Dawn doll I wanted so badly.  Got another doll in the dawn set but not Dawn.  So disappointed, but we would not have complained or whined.  


She waited probably 20 minutes, and then said, I think you missed a box by the window sill.  It was Dawn.  Happiest kid EVER.  


We had neighbor friends that opened gifts, played or used them, and rewrapped.  We thought that was sad.  I think the surprises made our Christmas’ magical, even after we didn’t believe in Santa.  

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I never snooped for gifts intentionally, but one time I accidently hit the mother lode.  We lived next door to my grandparents, who had a large upright piano.  It was positioned in a corner of the room at an angle so that there was a lot of empty space behind it.  One day I was playing with a little ball that rolled under the piano.  I went looking for my ball, and the jig was up!  Being very young and still a believer, I immediately ran to my grandmother and told her that I had found where Santa hid my toys.  The next time I looked, of course they were gone. Santa never hid anything there again, ha ha.

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Me & my 3 siblings took turns peeping through the key hole of our parents bedroom door, watching them wrap presents. We would whisper which ones we thought to be ours. We never owned up to doing this.

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I snooped once and only once. It was tradition on our sibling birthday (I have just one brother) for the non birthday kid to get one small thing. 


I snooped under the bed in my parents room and found my gift. It was one of those things that went around your ankle, with a string and a thingy on the end and you twirled it and jumped over the string. I think they were called Footsie. 


I was dumb (probably under 10 years old for sure) and let it slip I'd seen it. My mom was very mad, lying,cheating sneaking were the biggest of sins in our house. She told me to just keep on snooping if that is what I wanted to do, but it not only ruined any surprise I was going to have on a holiday, but it was ruining it for the gift giver as well, who deserved the respect from me, of getting the joy of giving/surprising. 


Have never done it again.