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For any kind of decent cell service where we live, Verizon is our only choice. Not only are we rural, but heavily wooded. Also, our particular piece of property is in sort of a "black hole"...i.e. it's lower than the properties on either side. It's kind of weird! We did recently buy a "cell signal booster" that has helped a lot--it actually enabled us to finally drop our landline, thereby helping with the expense of Verizon.


We also recently got satellite internet. Tried Hughsnet, but despite their commercials implying that it works everywhere, the tech could not get a signal for us. Went to Viasat, recommended by the Hughsnet tech, and voila! Home internet service at last! Several months now, and we're pleased with Viasat. Haven't needed customer service yet, though, so can't speak to that.

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Verizon has a service called Visible that you might want to look at. It's $30-$45 A month for unlimited.

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@HisElk1 wrote:

@bonnielu , be sure to check our the site at Pure Talk.  After being customers with Verizon for a very long time, my DH found it.


They are veteran owned and very helpful.  We do own both of our Android smartphones and our monthly bill is about $40 plus tax.  They use AT&T towers.


I'd check them out before making a decision on which carrier.

       I have been curious about PureTalk.  Does it work like the Trac phones do where you purchase your minutes?  We are with AT&T and I would like to find something with better pricing.  

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@isaboo , no, it's not like trac phone.  They have several plans you can choose from.  Some are limited with texts, but my plan is not.  DH doesn't text as much as I do, so he doesn't need the unlimited plan.


It's worth checking out their site and if you have any questions, we have found them to be very helpful.


Good luck!

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For me it all comes down to the reception I get in my area.  Although highly populated, I found some carriers just didn't work when I was inside my home.  In my area (Southeast MI), Verizon has the best coverage, hands down.  It costs more, but since I live alone and do not have a land line, I need reliable phone service. 

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Re: Cell phone carriers

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@gardenman wrote:

Verizon has a service called Visible that you might want to look at. It's $30-$45 A month for unlimited.

 I have the 30 dollar plan with Visible.  It's unlimited talk, text and data, taxes included so just a flat 30 dollar bill.  The 45 dollar plan is great for international travel and you can even upgrade if you are going out of country and downgrade the next month.  The coverage is awesome and I've never had a problem.  Highly recommend.  Can bring your own phone or buy a new one.  

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We get great rates and service from Consumer Cellular with I Phone

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@bonnielu   I had Verizon for years, and never had a problem.  Now I have Spectrum for my cell phone, and since they use Verizon, I have no problems with them either, and are only paying $60 for 2 phones with unlimited.  One is $45, but 2 are $60, so when my Mom needed a new phone, we added her to my service.  My ex and son switched over to them too, and the bill from Verizon went down by nearly half.

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