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This post has been removed by QVC. Controversial.

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This post has been removed by QVC. Political/Controversial.

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Can't get enough of "helping our world" news


Now that you've heard from all and sundry, I do hope you can understand just a bit more why the story is important, and why it will be remembered and talked about for years to come.


As everyone said, it's not about one animal; it's about how everyone can contribute in whatever way they wish to from now on (or continue contributing in ways they have ALREADY been doing) to help keep the environment safe, the animals safe, and perhaps even restore the balance of nature that man (whether well-meaning or out of ignorance or malice) has greatly disturbed.  (As a reminder to anyone who thinks otherwise, many of us have supported environmental and/or animal causes for years before QVC even existed.)


And if you do not like a subject on these boards, you can always start a brand new thread on something else.  We can't do much about the news reports, however.  And I know that keeping the story out there in the news helps the world in many more ways than supporting the story of one animal.


As horrible as his death was, may Cecil not have died in vain. 

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@NC Bandwagon wrote:

Thanks, ladies. Smiley Happy



I think the problem might be the choosing one over the other.



"Whaaaa? You like people? OMG!!! YOU HATE ANIMALS!!!!"



"Whaaaa? You like animals? OMG!!! YOU HATE PEOPLE!!!!"



LOL! Smiley Tongue People like animals and other people. Just depends on what people are going through and how they feel about it. Now, if someone's been bitten and/or scratched several times by animals, they're probably going to gravitate more towards people. And people who've been hurt by other people will probably gravitate more towards animals.



I know that's not true for every single person in the world. Just a generally for some and/or most.

Your off topic. 

And offbase. I can love an animal and mankind that is not the issue that the OP is talking about.



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@esmeraldagooch wrote:

I don't understand this?   With all the things going on that are really important, Cecil tops the list? Really?

I understand the frustration, but the story is not dominating the news cycle anymore imo.  Unless there is some major development in the story, it is slowing fading away.

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Since one of those posts removed must have been mine (seeing that its gone), I really have to ask what was either "controversial" or "political/controversial" about it exactly?


I don't think that the post mentioned anything political. And the entire topic is controversial (or about a highly controversial issue).


So I really have no clue as to why my post would have stood out as something to be deleted. Could someone explain. Thanks.


I also had another post in another thread deleted. Why? Because I said its never right to use brute force on children?


I'm reallllly not understanding this set of standards. And I don't mean that to be contentious. I just seriously don't understand it.

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@Pook wrote:

This is a very important issue and there will always be seemingly more important issues but that doesn't make it a real issue that needs to be dealt with and not ignored and swept under the rug.  This is definitely something that needs corrected and for those that think it's just aboaut Cecil then they just don't get it!!  "Trophy" hunting is very wrong and needs to be stopped not only because it will lead to the further decrease and possible extinction of certain animals that are already on their way to it but also because the thought that it is ok to kill any animal for the thrill of it!!!   How barbaric and uncompassionate is that and anyone who could do this surely couldn't care about his fellow man. What happens when the thrill of killing an animal that is set in front of them to kill is over? 

Here's something else to think about--the jobs in these poor countries!  How arrogant are we to focus on this day after day while an entire continent laughs at us?  


Like me it or not, trophy hunting provides a lot of income to these countries.  The West decided that DDT wouldn't be allowed to be made, and over 25 million are dead.  We may not know best.

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I was deeply saddened when I heard about Cecil. I live on this planet and do care about human beings and wildlife. That being said, I will never put the welfare of an animal ahead of a starving, abused human being. All parts work together-good or bad. Certainly Cecil isn't the first lion to go. Think of all the nameless "Cecils' out there.


Should we in the West be forcing our values on a poor and corrupt nation? And by the way we have plenty of abused humans and animals in our part of world. I think they don't have time to weep and mourn for the loss of Cecil. Most of  these people have their own life-or-struggle to get food and clean water. Their struggle also continues against insect-borne diseses.


I was sad about Cecil, but that was that. We need to care more about our fellow human beings. (No I am not a fan of that dentist or trophy hunting.)


I think it's time that we develop balance.


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greenhouse,  I never thought about it in that way , your words make perfect sense to me .  There are very few things we can change , this is one we can if we unite.  It hurt my heart so much when I first heard about this beaitiful creature of God being taken for the thrill of the hunt , for a trophy,  just a horrible human to do such a thing.  There is karma I believe and he will have to answer one day , losing his practice is not enough for me.  He broke the laws of nature and of God, not acceptable.

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Wow!   Something to think about ,  indeed what will be next when that thrill  of this throphy hunting is gone,  something to really think about,   seriously..........,