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I don't understand this?   With all the things going on that are really important, Cecil tops the list? Really?

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To me it warms my heart knowing that the public are animal lovers as I am.

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For those  who can't muster up enough compassion for animals and their suffering, look at the tragedy as Gandhi would have:


"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

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Re: Cecil overload........

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@esmeraldagooch wrote:

I don't understand this?   With all the things going on that are really important, Cecil tops the list? Really?



This was news, but enough already.  You are right.  The world is falling apart around us, immorality abounds, human lives are being snuffed out in all manner, corruption is everywhere. It is a very upside down world we live in.


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Sorry but it's mob mentality.  How many people even heard of Cecil before this?  And what about the thousands of slautered animals before this?


Don't get me wrong, I hate trophy hunting, but this is over the top reaction.  

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This is a very important issue and there will always be seemingly more important issues but that doesn't make it a real issue that needs to be dealt with and not ignored and swept under the rug.  This is definitely something that needs corrected and for those that think it's just aboaut Cecil then they just don't get it!!  "Trophy" hunting is very wrong and needs to be stopped not only because it will lead to the further decrease and possible extinction of certain animals that are already on their way to it but also because the thought that it is ok to kill any animal for the thrill of it!!!   How barbaric and uncompassionate is that and anyone who could do this surely couldn't care about his fellow man. What happens when the thrill of killing an animal that is set in front of them to kill is over? 

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Re: Cecil overload........

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I dont know what "news" means to you but from what I watch and read it hasn't been in the headlines for a couple of days. I guess it all depends on what you're focused on. 


If the story remains newsworth it wont bother me. I'm encouraged that it's still being covered and people are seeing the very ugly side of trophy hunting. Being annoyed by what's on tv... I have bigger things to be concerned about. 

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I totally agree that there are so many other issues in the world right now -- some so dire and urgent that at times the news of it all is overwhelming and outright alarming about where society is headed. 


However, for me personally, when I continue to see the coverage and raw response to Cecil's death, I feel encouraged that there's still room for compassionate expressions that turn despair for this lion into positive action.  I like the reminder that in tragedy there can be something that's actually good coming out of it.  There's still plenty of news about shootings, bombings, wildfires and so many other sad thngs.  I don't feel overloaded by the Cecil coverage at all.  

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Take a look at the "hearts" on this post and I think you'll see that YES Cecil tops the list.

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Interesting thing about humans.  We can be concerned and active about more than 1 story or cause at a time!


Sadly, what I have noticed is that some folks cannot handle it when their specific cause isn't at the top of the list and insist on pushing their cause even into discussions of other causes.  I'm not saying that's what you are doing, just what I've seen on forums and comments to news stories and fb posts.


I, personally, am happy to see it when an event doesn't just result in a flash-in-the-pan flurry of activity and then disappear.  Change only happens when those who see the need for it keep working on making that change happen and that includes keeping the public aware of the need.