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I am hoping that this story endures until there is a change in global consciousness. The 100th Monkey Effect.

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We continue to pave over the earth, as if only humans are important, and dump trash into our oceans and drive needlessly, emitting fumes that pollute the air, continue to spray poison (pesticides) and seemingly care not about the natural balance that Mother Nature has created, which bulldozers and "progress" can destroy in a breath - I'm certain that the Cecil incident is an important one, but it is just one of many causes that need attention.  None of us would be here without the air that we breathe and the water we drink, nor all the flora/fauna that support and maintain it.  


I guess the dentist has become a symbol of greed.  And the lion a symbol of the senselessness and lack of humility.  Daedalus and Icarus come to mind.

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Well, yes global warming exists, politics, Iran/Isis, much can you do about it?   The answer to your question is quite simple ....we can make an impact because attention was called to the slaughter of this beautiful animal and it went right to the heart of animal lovers around the world, not just was a global reaction.  So for once, people United for a common cause.  And, it made a difference.  It made people feel some control in a world that is so out of control and their actions possibly brought about change and consequences.  Are you going to petition Iran, stop the wars throughout the world, affect the outcome of an election?  we could do something about the slaughter of a beautiful innocent creature and can do nothing about the state of the world...out of our control. 

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@Buck-i-Nana wrote:

Interesting thing about humans.  We can be concerned and active about more than 1 story or cause at a time!


Sadly, what I have noticed is that some folks cannot handle it when their specific cause isn't at the top of the list and insist on pushing their cause even into discussions of other causes.  I'm not saying that's what you are doing, just what I've seen on forums and comments to news stories and fb posts.


I, personally, am happy to see it when an event doesn't just result in a flash-in-the-pan flurry of activity and then disappear.  Change only happens when those who see the need for it keep working on making that change happen and that includes keeping the public aware of the need.




Very well said!

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I don't think it is overload I think it is about time that we acknowledge the senseless death of an innocent. We are supposed to be the Stewards of this world and we are failing miserably. 


I hate it when this is brought to the attention of society and immediately it is put down by those complaining about the loss of human life etc. Yes that is a problem but again a man made problem. This deserve to be addressed just as much imo.


And I am not talking about the OP,  I am pointing out an observation about other posts I have read on other sites.

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@esmeraldagooch wrote:

I don't understand this?   With all the things going on that are really important, Cecil tops the list? Really?

If you don't understand it, then no explanation will suffice.  To many it is important.

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The one good that might come out of what I consider hysteria over Cecil could be an end to trophy hunting for engangered or nearly endangered speciues.


Of course, there's a huge cost to this because the trophy hunters were willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to hunt, so I hope those who signed the petitions will also contribute big dollars EVERY YEAR to provide for the people living near the animals and the local guides, etc. becaise the easy money for preservation will be gone along with the hunting itself.


It's not one of my personal causes and I will not be donating -  I wish those who circulated the petitions had charged at least $50 to each signer -  then we might know who is really committed.

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This post has been removed by QVC because its mean spirited.

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