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We've had Geico for years - no problems whatsoever.   (Also in PA.)

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My parents were in a horrendous accident - my Mom died immed. , my Dad 7 months later from his injuries. The other driver was at fault - high blood levels of drugs and alcohol. Both drivers had Allstate insurance. They never gave us a moments trouble - paid to the full extent of the at fault driver's policy then to the full extent of my Dad's policy. Took care of everything including legal fees. 

Often times people don't really read & understand their policy so when a disaster comes along they assume the ins. will pay everything. Policies have limits - Allstate paid to the limit of both policies - however, that wasn't anywhere near the cost of all my Dad'scare. The remainder was paid by Medicare and his Blue cross supplement and the VA.

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I was with State Farm forever and recently switched to Amica insurance. It was highly rated by both Consumer Reports and Clark Howard. My bill with State Farm was going to be $155 and with Amica it will be $110.