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@deepwaterdotter wrote:

My husband's colonoscopy procedure for next week has been canceled.  It was to take place at the hospital, but has been rescheduled for March due to dangerously overcrowded conditions. 

deepwaterdotter, I was able to get my Colonoscopy on 12/14/21 as scheduled.  I had a polyp removed, so I was so blessed that my appt. wasn't cancelled.  Our hospital is full right now too.   We live in S. WI.


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It's a snow day!!

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I have my monthly chiropractor adjustment this morning.  I just hope he is running on time.  He is a very skilled chiropractor but man oh man, he NEVER runs on time.  He ran so late with my husband's appointment 2 weeks ago (over an hour wait), that my husband finally had to leave.  That's unacceptable as far as I'm concerned.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

I have an appointment tomorrow for a mammogram.  I'd be thrilled and delighted if they'd call and cancel it.  I'm wondering, given the omicron being so contagious, even its even wise to do this right now?

@Kachina624 ,



This appointment is very wise to keep. I know from experience.  

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@seaBreeze wrote:


I have a dr. appointment today, I am not sick...just needed a 'script' refill and they are 'making' me come to the office.   Due to the virus, I think this is unnecessary but at least they will get their payment from my insurance co. for an office visit.


When you see your doctor I would ask if that's necessary. I belong to a system in California called Kaiser Permanente. Most things can be done online, but a few years ago, I needed a refill and the person reading my message called me back and insisted that I see the doctor since I had been on this medicine for awhile. I honestly can't remember what it was for. When I get in to see my Doctor she asks me what is going on. I told her nothing. I was just there for a new script. She told me, if that ever happened again make sure that someone tells her to read the message. My doctor told me that she never would have made me come into the office just for that. 

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@Kachina624 ,  Thank you for asking, I am and have been fine since the diagnosis and treatment which lasted almost a full year and then 5 years of taking Arimidex.  I am grateful for many years of good health since.  Good luck with your decision, either way.

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@cookie16    OH, I'm going.  Just got a recorded call reminding me of my appointment.  My sister is a breast cancer survivor so I'm at risk. 

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@cookie16  Thanks for the reminder.  I am overdue.  I'll call tomorrow.  ❤



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