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Can someone help me understand why a teachr/school would do this

I would really like to hear opion on what happend to my DD at school.

My DD is in 4th grade and she is a smart little girl, but she has problems reading and sounding out words (spelling is so hard for her). If someone else reads to her she gets it. But she is in a special class for reading and math (math mostly because of the work problems). So, yesterday she comes home very excited that she had take a two test - one to see if she could be part of the speelling bee and the other to see if she could be in a math club.

My question is why would the school have her take these test knowing she would not score well enough to be part of the group. I would understand it if she did not have issues in both of these subject. She thought for sure that she did well on both of them and would be selected for both events. Well of course they announced the spelling bee today and she was not part of it. I was proud of her because she told me she was happy for the kids that made it but sad and mad that she had not made it.

But my question is why would the school do this? I have an email into the teacher asking her this question. Maybe I am missing something but I just do not see setting a kid up for failure.