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@Pink is happy wrote:

151949 is correct.


Sparks from wildfires, can be blown for miles.

Anywhere can catch fire, in 70mph winds.

No one can say "not here"

It might not be common, or recent, but it is always possible.

I have personal experience, so I will leave it at that.


Also, other sources of fire, lawn equipment, downed power lines, arson, car accidents,

regular home fires, etc. can be a source of flames, that DO start in residential areas,

and are blown in Santa Ana winds, causing fires all the way down to the coast.


Red Flag warnings, are to inform citizens, that there are conditions that lead to fires.

Ignoring it, does not make it untrue.


But, ok....(if it makes you feel better)

There will never be a fire burn, into Hermosa Beach.


Laguna Beach 1993, another example.



Please take careful note of the word ORIGINATE.

If you ignore that word (you have), you miss suzy's point.


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Okay. This is not really worth my arguing about or mentioning that Laguna Beach is connected to Laguna Canyon or that the definition of a wildfire is as follows:


noun: wildfire; plural noun: wildfires
  1. 1.
    a large, destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush.

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Re: Calif. fires

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