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Just saw this on the news. 

Are any of you in the area? Please be safe, take your kids, pets, meds and important papers and go before they tell you.

Thank goodness the winds are quiet.

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fires in temecula also.

hope everyone in the areas are staying safe!

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oh my, that the Kardassian neck of the woods, mama K's anyway.

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About 20 miles away .... I was walking the dog tonite and the sky had smoke hanging in the air.    At least there's no wind.   Fingers crossed.

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Re: Calabasas fire

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My granddaughter is studio city, but more near Toluca Lake.  She said that ashes are coming down.

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The last thing I heard was that our city was sending a crew down. 

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Not near but can see the smoke and have had some ashes fall.  Fires are not rare especially with all the dry timber and the lack of rainfall/moisture due to the drought. 

We have good crews here and they work hard to extiguish the fires. 

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I now live around 50 minutes west of Calabasas. Years ago, I lived right there. Beautiful, very upscale, mountainous area. Khloe and Kourtney are very close to the fire -- Kim lives a little further away. So traumatic for people who had to evacuate. The firemen are doing a GREAT job!!!!!

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Yikes!Smiley Surprised Kim pack your Louis.

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Hoping and praying all are well.  Get OUT if you think it could come anywhere near.  Keep checking in if you can.


About the K's ...they are probably out of town (or country).  Feel sorry for them, but they don't live in their homes ... they visit.  I feel for the ones that live there 24/7.  That is their home. 


Please be aware and safe!

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