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You are right...I would go as far as to say that most drinkers do so responsibly and abusive drinkers are a whole different category and it goes without saying that others are affected by alcohol abuse.  I drink a glass of wine a day, suggested by my physician at bed time.  I don't think my use of alcohol will hurt anyone.  Second hand smoke does affect others particularly children and fetal exposure via maternal inhalation.  Two very different products 

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A chain can choose to sell whatever it wants.  We can choose to shop wherever we want. This has turned into a cigarette vs. alcohol debate, and will soon disappear, I fear.  (And for the record, I am not a smoker but will defend your right to smoke.  I'm glad you can't do it around me in a public place, but I think you should have your own bars where you can smoke with each other.  I'll be consuming my alcohol in a different bar. Look for me!  I'll be the one in the LOGO tops and Women With Control bottoms - drinking but not smoking.)

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Re: CVS Cigarette Ban

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The discussion of cigarette versus alcohol use is spurious...  What was noted isn't about use, it's about sales.  While some would posit, probably somewhat accuarately, that for most people alcohol use isn't damaging while cigarette use is, the fact remains that alcohol can be abused and can hence be damaging to the users and to others, just as cigarette smoke can be damging to the user and others. An entity selling a bottle of wine has no idea of the aftermath of that sale, just as not all smokers inflict second hand smoke on unwilling others.  Frankly, the whole argument is somewhat ludicrous.  CVS has stopped selling tobacco products, as is their right, but they continue selling alcohol, as is also their right. What this choice has netted them is a drop in sales, as it's also the consumer's right to spend their money where they wish. By virtue of the fact that CVS is apparently paying billions to take over Target's pharmacy operations, one assumes the drop in sales is not of concern to them,  By the same token, smokers who perhaps once shopped at CVS for a myriad of items are probably now buying at least some of those items elsewhere, when they pick up a pack of cigarettes.  It is what it is.

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