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If the antibody test can prove that someone is immune and w/o virus then that person can go back to work and be at work safely!

From what I've read so far, the antinbody tests are showing that immunity is not a long term guarantee.  That sucker can pop back up without warning unless a viable vaccine is produced.  


The common cold is a form of coronoa and to this day, we haven't seen a cure for it.  Makes you think doesn't it?

The common cold is caused by well over two hundred different viruses, typically rhinoviruses. If you've had one of those infections in recent years you won't get a cold from that same virus, but you can get one from one of its 200+ cousins. As for the coronavirus, I'm not sure how much you can trust the early antibody tests. There are likely both false positives and false negatives in the early testing.  If covid-19 is just a single version of the virus in circulation, and you've been infected and cleared the virus, you should be immune to reinfection



Should, but some people are showing little, or no residual antibodies. Testing (in hopes of creating a vaccine) on people who have had Covid and recovered is, proving this out.


I haven't heard of any false positives yet.  Please site source if you do, I'm very interested in reading about it.



Here's an article from the American Council on Science and Health discussing false positives and false negatives. 


No testing is perfect. You're always going to have both false positives and false negatives. PCR testing is especially prone to issues as it's looking for very small amounts of DNA/RNA and then attempts to amplify them. If a sample is contaminated, and with a virus like covid that can remain viable for hours/days it's not impossible for cross-contamination to occur, then it can amplify the contamination giving a false positive.

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@MorningLover., those supplies did not come for release to the state of Kentucky.  UPS has a major hub in Louisville, Ky. called UPS World Port. UPS has entered into a partnership with FEMA to set up a distribution center at their UPS hub in Louisville.


So those are not supplies designated for the state of Ky.  The plans are for portions of them to be sent to states in the region as they determine.


To date, the state of Ky. has not received any of those supplies & it is not known whether Ky. will get anything from that distribution center.  At the current time, they are still trying back channels to obtain PPE and swabs. 





And then there is the situation of the FBI following to 'purchase' PPE equipment. Wonder what will come of that?


My state has been relieved of at least one shipment and has received no FEMA PPE, what we have gotten was purchased by the state.


it's like ... 🤔🤯




I know @Drythe, you just can't make this stuff up!  It's like they are having to use clandenstine activities to try and get PPE so the feds don't know about it and take the supplies.  LOL!


Major announcement from our governor today.  The University of Louisville has received a very large grant and they will be starting research to develop a test with high sensitivity and specificity for antibodies for the novel 2019 coronavirus.  The goal is to develop a highly reliable test for antibodies and then to test health care workers first.  That way, they can be given the all clear to return to work.  Then they will work on obtaining plasma from those with high antibody levels (hopefully) for research to see if it can be used as a treatment for patients. 

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