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I merely took it as lighthearted brand marketing by Hormel.

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I think it's a hoot, and that some people are getting their panties in a knot.

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Re: Breathable Bacon Mask

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@Sooner wrote:

@GoneButNotForgotten wrote:

@Sooner wrote:

I think a bacon mask is simply disgusting and somehow offensive. 



Why? why would you be "offended" by something you're not forced to do or wear, etc. (Unless your religion forbids the use of pork...but even in that case all you have to do is avoid people wearing bacon-masks)

@GoneButNotForgotten You asked.


Because to me it is making light of something that is sickening and killing people.  It trivializes a very serious issue.  It isn't fun or happy or silly.  It is a lack of empathy for others.


A lot of people have moms and dads in nursing homes who will die alone and who maybe they will never see again and haven't seen for almost a year.  So yes, to some people it is offensive.  It is making a joke about a lot of anguish and suffering. 

I agree that @Sooner you are overreacting here.  I really would not like masks that smell like food, but I do think masks, as long as everyone has to wear them, can be fun.  It is something we have to put on our face, covers most of my face.  I mostly wear black because I don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about it, but it is nice to see pretty colors and designs on them. It is cheerful during this grim time.  It does not make fun of people who are isolated, sick or passed away.

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I have no need to argue these points or to disagree with anyone.  I posted deep feelings from someone in a different place and with another perspective on this situation from most others, which is a mistake I made.


My views are from where I am in life only.  I understand it applies to very few others here.   But understand some others it does apply to, whether they voice it or not.

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@noodleann wrote:

I just entered Hormel's drawing for a Breathable Bacon Mask. It's a sewn black mask with bacon images on it and it's said to smell like bacon. It's a promotion for their Black Label bacon, and today is the last day for the drawing. I hope they sell this thing.


They may be on to something that would induce people to cover both mouth and nose. In one graphic showing how to wear the mask, it says, "Keep facial orifices snugly covered to enjoy maximum whiffage," and under "Don't," it shows someone wearing a mask with nose exposed and the copy says, "Nose exposure allows essential bacon scent to escape." It also tells you not to eat the mask.