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@beach-mom  I never heard that. 


Mine belonged to me and my best friend.   We did everything at her house, mostly in the garage.


We threw ours in the trash a few times. We kept finding in the garage again. Until finally it was gone.

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@tarytoo Thank you so much for posting that lovely picture (likely on old post card).
What a great addition to this thread.👍

@proudlyfromNJ I didn't say nobody died from those things! Plenty of people did. My point was we (who are reading this thread) obviously survived those things.
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@beach-mom  I never heard that one either.  I think the concern was that you were putting out an invitation with the board.  With the other things you yourself were the only active thing in control. 

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So much for social distancing!
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When our oldest was growing up in the seventies we had big halloween parties. We did apple bobbing for years. Then one year there were a lot of kids with colds so we bought apples with stems and tied them with long  strings and hung from the ceiling of the patio. That was fun.