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@Mary Bailey I loved Creature Features on WGN!

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Something I've always wondered - you had to have a wet head for the rest of the party?

-- pro-aging --

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One of the best Halloween parties I went to was in the second grade.  It was in a girl's basement.  Her mother was so creative.  The mother told a ghost story and passed around broken pretzels, as teeth, grapes as eye balls, spaghetti as brains, while she was telling this story in the dark.   I do remember apples.  Funny, I do not remember much else, like if it was all girls or boys too.  I should contact the girl on Facebook and see why she remembers!🎃😈

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@Peaches McPhee. An adult always provided a towel. 😁
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I always passed on bobbing  for apples.  I never wanted to get my hair wet.  I always had straight hair and had to sleep with brush hair rollers with picks every night, and I mean every night.


My mother was not fond of straight hair and out of five children, I was the only one in my family who had it.



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I was never at an event where there was apple bobbing or never heard of it in my area.  I wouldn't have participated anyway.  I think it's nasty.  Woman Embarassed

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I remember all those things.  I loved Halloween parties.

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@fthunt wrote:

At age 6 I thought that was the dumbest game.


me too

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I'm not surprised ladies.