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Remember the last Tracfone TSV recently?   I set up with a totally new number and before I gave that number to anyone at all, I started getting robocalls.  Took only a half hour before they started!


I am getting more scam calls many days thsn I get real calls.  More scam emails, too, but that's for another thread.

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We don't even use a landline anymore but I was getting calls on my iPhone from a # that showed up as a behavioral health center.


The #s kept changing every time, if the last 4 #s were "4444," the next phone call showed as "4445", etc. I just kept blocking them until my husband answered and it was a woman that said my phone was her husband's #............!!!  He told her it wasn't and so far, no more calls...............

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Where I live it is now almost impossible to block phone calls. Main reason for that is businesses - including medical people - now use numbers that do NOT reflect who they really are. As a result, almost all calls go through. It has become horrible. It  also adds up to why all services are getting so expensive.  The Do Not call national registry is a joke - use to work but not now. I pay for a private line and block calls auto. I can still block them from my phone but have to put the number in and then add it to the list. Of course, most phones only handle so many blocked numbers. A racket for sure. Also many honest people no longer put their names on the calls they place. So many just say private, wireless or something else just as dumb.

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Re: Blocking unwanted calls

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~The "Do Not Call Registry" is worthless.


~If it were not for NOMOROBO, I would have pulled all of my hair out --this service works (as I have Comcast).   NOMOROBO will cover other phone carriers if enough interest is shown.   From their website:




Unfortunately, Verizon (Traditional Landline) does not support Nomorobo yet.

But there is something that you can do!

Please call the customer service number below and ask that they add Nomorobo to their service. The more people that call them, the better.

Verizon (Traditional Landline) Customer Service - 1-800-VERIZON


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@Witchy Woman wrote:



That service is not available from Verizon, my carrierCat Sad


@Witchy Woman  I have Nomorobo and my carrier is Verizon FIOS.  Maybe you have regular Verizon and not FIOS.  And I agree with the others - Nomorobo is very good!

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I have nomorobo so that blocks a lot but I have my phone service through ATT Uverse and we can block a call by dialing *61. I think that blocks up to 150-200 numbers.

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   Since subscribing to Nomorobo the situation has improved a lot.The phone rings once 2 or 3 times a day & stops.My cellphone provider Boostmobile is not yet on board with Nomorobo so my cellphone rings several times a day.If I don't recognize the number I decline the call.

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Is nomorobo a free service? Thx.

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@Lipstickdiva wrote:

I subscribed to Nomorobo on our landline.  Now if it's a robo call, the phone rings once and the caller is disconnected.

How do you subscribe? Through the internet or through your landline provider? Thanks!!!!




@CANDLEQUEEN  (not all phone carriers use this, but nomorobo will indicated that once you click on your ph. carrier name on the website below).


1.  Go to website:


2.  Click on "Get Started Now" tab

3.  Click on "Click Here to Get Started"

4.  At dropdown menu on btm pg. choose your ph. carrier)

    (follow the rest of the prompts, as now you will be

     directed to go to your phone carrier's website, you'll need

     your i.d. & password for that).