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Is anyone else feeling blah today?  Nothing medically wrong, other than a mild headache, probably from the rain, just blah, no energy.  It's raining gently, blah.  I should go get a few things at a speciality store, but don't feel like putting on makeup and doing my hair and I will not go out without doing that, blah.  I will probably eventually do it, but........blah. 


Shame on me, I should thank God for my blessings!!  I do, really!  Have a nice day, everyone Smiley Happy

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No Shame on You....everyone deserves a blah day or a day to complain .....................we all need it...hope as the day goes on something FANTASTIC happens!!!

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The dew point here in Chicago is 71.  Wanted to walk to the library but decided against it.  Feels like Florida--ugh!!



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I feel your pain. We finally have a few dry , mid 70 degree days, and what a difference it makes in my attitude and ambition. 

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My friend said the same to me this morning.  Bored, blah.


Music can perk you up.  Sunshine too.

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We have dew points in the 70's so anything outside is ruled out. I can do so much more in autumn - never was a fan of summer, except we were out of school.

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Sorry you're not feeling up to par today. Happens to us all, now and then. The weather here in Pa. is wonderful for late July, low humidity and dew points. I can breathe better in this weather then with the muggies. Of course, this is to change later tomorrow, I guess. Anyhow, hope you are feel better soon and have a good weekend. Of course, if you are retired, everyday is a weekend day.

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It's a great day here in Arizona. It rained most of last night with more storms coming in tonight and tomorrow. It's only 75 right now. It's dark and cloudy. Sure beats day after day of sunshine. Happy, happy, happy. It's beautiful outside.

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I live in Florida Dew point is 77.  After 2 days of a broken Air conditioner I should finally feel good with cool air but now I am just tired and blah.  No reason.  We are all entitled.


Perhaps tomorrow you will feel better.