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Re: Birthday on Christmas Day

My oldest's birthday is Dec. 24th. I never "combined" Christmas & birthday presents. We celebrated her birthday all day, & then later in the evening would open up the Christmas Eve present(pajamas), leave the cookies & milk out, etc. I would carve out a time to make it just about the birthday, or perhaps celebrate it the day before. ( And family members knew not to wrap her b'day presents in Chriistmas paper)!

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Re: Birthday on Christmas Day

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Someone here said they shouldn't celebrate the child's birthday on another day, and I agree unless they meant a party. I see no issue with having a party on another day. Almost everyone I know has their children's birthday parties on a weekend, whether the birthdays fall on the weekend or not. If the family celebrates Christmas, all children are thrilled with Christmas celebrations and should be delighted if their party is early or later -- extending their fun. On the day, of course have a family time to have a cake and sing happy birthday and give a gift, but I see no problem with having a party on another day. The family Christmas celebrations of anyone whose children would be invited on Christmas Day deserve consideration, too. As long as the child's family notes the birthday on the day, the child shouldn't mind at all if a party is on another day, unless some adults put the idea in their head that they should mind. 

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Re: Birthday on Christmas Day

@software mine is Christmas Eve so is very hard to have a birthday that close to Christmas.  My extended family always had an extra tag on my Christmas present that said for your birthday too.  My little brother and sister always got a separate gift for their birthday's but I never did.  Nor did I get a birthday party or a special day at school.  It does not matter now but as a child it was hard. 

My mom was great about making things special for me starting on Dec. 23 for dinner out ect...  She had a New Year's Day birthday so she knew how it felt.  Just start celebrating early and remember if this birthday was in June instead of Christmas how would you make it special?  For sure do not use Christmas paper for the Birthday Gift make it Birthday.

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Re: Birthday on Christmas Day

I have a

nephew born on Xmas day--we keep those two things separate---my DD was born on the 23rd---I kept those things seprate too. they are in their 30's now so ot such a big thing anymore. 

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Re: Birthday on Christmas Day

Another reason why I asked the question is I'm an only child.  Born in the spring.

There was no sharing of birthday with other siblings who may have been born on a day close by.


Rarely my birthday would be on Easter, if we had an early Easter.


Everyone who knows me knows I don't share a birthday!    As I grew up got married and had a career, when it came time to celebrate birthdays with friends & family I made it clear -- not just for me but for anyone -- sharing a birthday is a no no.


This is how strongly I feel about it.    When I was carrying my DD, I went into labor on her dad's birthday but refused to deliver her until the next day.   I was under a doctor's care, I didn't risk  her life but she was not coming into this world until the next day.   She always understood this growing up, kind of an inside joke within the family.   I think because of this, she will make sure her son is sufficiently celebrated on Christmas.  She'll just have to work out the details.   

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Re: Birthday on Christmas Day

@Teddie wrote:

@Nightowlz wrote:

My sister was born on the 30th. She did not like it because she said she did not get much for her birthday since it's right after Christmas.

Dad liked it fell on the 30th since he could claim her as a deduction on his tax return for that full year. LOL!!!

@Nightowlz My birthday is on the 30th, too. I always felt like everyone had just gotten over Christmas and didn’t want to deal with a birthday. I envied my sister whose birthday was in June. What a nice time to have a birthday. 


I had to smile because my dad always told me the same thing, that I was a good tax deduction. : )



My dad had 7 of us tax deductions. LOL!!!

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Re: Birthday on Christmas Day

I have a granddaughter born 2 days after Christmas.  She is all grown up now but she did complain a lot about her birthday not being special enough because of it!

After she was born I went to stay with her mother (my daughter) and her dad to help out.   One night I took over so mommy could get a little sleep.

I was holding her in a upstairs bedroom and looking out at the all the Christmas lights on the other houses around.  It was so special and heart warming for me! I remind her a lot about how special she is to have been born at such a Holy time of year. 

It really should not be about when you get your gifts or how they are wrapped!  Woman Happy


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Re: Birthday on Christmas Day

My brother's birthday is Christmas Eve. We always give him separate presents for his birthday and Christmas. He came six weeks early so I always joke to him he did that on purpose and he says he did. Smiley Very Happy He enjoys having a Christmas Eve birthday. He turns 32 this year and I generally give him money. He prefers cash or gift cards when it comes to both occasions.