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Re: Bill and Giuliana Rancic surrogate has miscarriage

I think hormones are very dangerous.

What worries me are all the hormones in our food today.

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Re: Bill and Giuliana Rancic surrogate has miscarriage

Sorry for anyone that loses a baby but I have a problem with these two. I was battling cancer at the same time Giuliana was and was very sympathetic. I felt bad for them when they couldn't carry a child. The show followed many of the things that were happening to me at the same time.

Then they had the first child and I saw Bill as a loving father but every time they showed Giuliana's interaction with the child it seemed so fake - it's like she wanted this child SO bad and now that it's here, it's like an accessory to her. The show was good as they were going thru all her health issues and seemed more real but now its nothing more than stupid storylines - how many times are they buying a house and then selling it shortly thereafter?? Or storylines of babyproofing the house, will we move to Chicago, and on and on. Their show is now no different than the Kardashian - all staged for television, none of it real. Her taking vocal lessons to sing - - really? They are really "reaching" to stay on TV.