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Bethlehem Lights Customer Service

After being on hold for twenty five minutes with Bethlehem Lights CS, my call was cut off with a recording stating "phone difficulties!" I called back and kept pressing "0" and spoke to a receptionist who could only forward my information in an email!!! I asked her if I would actually get a call back as I need to speak to somebody for replacement bulbs for an item purchased on QVC. She said she can only forward my information, and can't guarantee me a call back!!!{#emotions_dlg.scared} What kind of customer service is this from a company that sells such volumes on QVC!!!! I spent yesterday afternoon going to local stores trying to find replacement bulbs for a prelit wreath and garland and none of the bulbs will fit into the BL sockets. I am assuming these can only be purchased through them. Has anybody dealt with the customer service at Bethlehem Lights or know where I can simply purchase replacement bulbs? This is beyond frustrating and I will not be purchasing from Bethlehem Lights in the future. QVC customer service could not help me either. She gave me the item number for the bulbs that go in the window lights!!!!{#emotions_dlg.bored} I would appreciate any help!!Smile