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Re: Best mail order cookies?

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@Witchy Woman  - not cookies but I just got a shipment of Landies Candies filled pretzels.  I think they only sell through QVC.  I'm kind of a chocolate snob (love See's!) and these are very good.  Some have carmel inside, some peanut butter, some marshmallow.  Milk, dark and white chocolate.  All individually wrapped.  I'm thinking of ordering some more and freezing them.  I tried Cheryls and Davids once and was not impressed.  Jeffrey Zacharian just started offering cookies, but I think they are pricey for what you get.

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Re: Best mail order cookies?

we all love cheryls and i have given them as gifts. they are always well received.


if you want something different, try shatila bakery. they make such good and fresh middle eastern sweets, including baklava and cookies. they are easily freezable also.

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