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@Kat 13wrote:



To make my self clearer....


BE AWARE that when you NOW  sign into the forums you are ALSO signed into

your QVC account.


In the past, including yesterday, if you signed into the forums, you WERE NOT

signed into your QVC account....orders credit, card payments ,wish list..etc..


You had to sign in separately to get to your account.


Now, signing into the forums, you are also signed into your QVC account.


I just wanted everyone to beware to make sure to sign out of the forums or

they would still be signed into their QVC account.


Kat ❤





@Kat 13


Clearly, there are glitches ... and variables .... happening here.  As usual.


 I am signed into the forums and went over to my account and am NOT signed in there, as well.  I had to sign in separately to my account to access it.   


So .....  what happened to you is not happening to everyone else.   Not a big deal, IMO.

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Be AWARE!!  The world needs more WARES!!!Smiley Happy