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If anyone is interested ----


Today Only -- $2.95 Hand Soaps.  In stores & online.


There's also a sale on Select Body Care -- Buy 3 Get 3 Free.


I bought a mix of Halloween/Fall Foaming Hand Soaps for gifts -- and a few things for myself.


Of course, I forgot to use my 20% off coupon.  Smiley Frustrated

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Thanks! Placed an order

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Smiley Happy thanks, heading to check it out...

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Thank you.  I stocked up.  Great deal!

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@ Daisy
Please feel free to keep us updated as fall and holiday season progresses
I have stock of soap from last sale😀. Got to pare down but so hard!
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Too many to choose from!

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They had this same sale about a month ago...I ordered online because they no longer carry the deep cleansing soap in the stores...
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I walked by BBW in the mall last week. It was buy 3 get 2 free and all the fall scents are out. And they are very nice.


I am enjoying the Renewing Pumpkin Enzyme Gel Moisturzer. I keep it on my desk for my hands, it smells heavenly and absorbs quickly.


Needless to say I carried out more than I will use until the summer sale. Smiley Very Happy