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We've never stopped using bar soap. I have liquid soap in the kitchen and powder room only. 

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DH and I previously used Dial, but switched to Zest because I read somewhere it doesn't leave soap scum.  I also have a bottle of Neutrogena Rain Bath Shower and Bath Gel I use on and off.

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DH and I have always used bar soap in the shower -- usually Olay of some sort. Kids use body wash (Dove). Liquid hand soap at all sinks.

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I remember!

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I always use solid soaps for washing in th shower or bath. I use liquid soap for hand washing.  Have always used Dial (yellow bar) soap.  I just like using this.  Other bar soaps feel strange.  So I'm happy to use it.  Latey's getting a little hard to find.  For hand washing I always use Dial liquid. And like it's bar brother....getting hard to find.

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I have always generally used bar soap. I might use a special body wash once in a while, but nothing makes me feel as clean as bar soap.

I love the hard milled soaps from TJ Maxx and now I am trying the Beekman soaps.
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I've been using bar soap at my sinks for several years now but use shower gel for showers.  Love both!


I've been getting a lot of bar soap from Etsy or I buy local handmade organic soap.  It is free of harsh chemicals and usually smells great!

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@dulwich I heard one of the medical professionals say over the past week that unless you ate the only one using the bar, common usage is not as sanitary as the liquid soaps.

Also you need to use a soap dish with grooves for a bar of soap so the bar is raised up some, or else the soap will get "mushy" by sitting on a small puddle of water.
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We use Dove bar soap in the shower and liquid at the sink.  I also have Philosophy's Amazing Grace gel in the shower that I use occasionally. 



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@sunshine45 wrote:

@Nightowlz wrote:

DH likes safeguard. For some reason it's not available? Wonder if they quit making it? They made the bar smaller a while back and made it even smaller yet again. They probably could not sell it if they made it any smaller. He does not want any soap that makes the shower floor slick. He was using Lever until they changed theirs. 





it looks like they have it on amazon and target.



Thanks. I saw Target had it when I placed my last order. They will not ship it? Strange? I will check Amazon prices.