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Got an email from my bank that my bank card could be compromised - called bank - evidently a "large retailer" has just advised them they have had their system compromised.  They wouldn't say who but said it could be on the news.  So keep an eye on your bank account.  They are issuing a new card shortly. 


@hoosieroriginal~~~The exact same thing happened with my CC last month. I was told the the card had been compromised, but they refused to name the retailer. 


I could only speculate as to who it was. They over nighted my new card to me, but there are still hoops to be jumped through to get things back to normal. 

@cherzum- it is a lot of hoops to jump through - this is my third time - Target got me, of course, I forget who second one was - but this is third time and I'm really sick of it.

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Every 6 months someone tries to buy something on my cc. My husband checks the charges nightly and always catches them if the company doesn't catch them first. I know it's happening online. So sick of these thieves. My husband always wants to press charges but the cc company never does anything but remove the charge. 

@prettychis- if I buy anything online - I go through Paypal - I think it is relatively safe.

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Re: Bank card compromise

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Here's a list of some of the major breaches so far this year...............Woman Frustrated



My credit card was breached last year and I called the bank and asked but they wouldnt say..................

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Found out my debit card was hacked last week  too.  My bank stopped the fraud the  same day.  However, no one knows who or where the breach occurred. 


Time will tell.  Changed accounts and set up new plans.



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Was told by a credit card company before when one was reissued, since the retailer was cooperating with their investigation, they would not tell me - protecting them as their customer.  When I reminded the customer service member at the bank, that I was their customer too, and they were not doing anything for me, she didn't know what to say. I'm not big enough business for them to care...

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Several years ago, my Bank of America Master Card was "compromised"

three different times in a year.  Each time I received a letter through the mail saying that a new card would be sent.  The first time I called the

number listed in the letter, to find out what in the world "compromised"



The woman explained that only the Fraud Dept. knew the details

of what had happened (she was in Customer Service). If I was worried, 

I could get their monthly protection plan ($12.95/mo.) which would

monitor purchases made on my Master Card.


She said often people who get access to card numbers, hold

on to them for several months, even years, before trying to use them.

Someone had stolen her card number and attempted to buy airline

tickets to Ireland, but the transaction was stopped when she was

contacted by the monitoring program - guess it can happen to anyone!

I felt she was sincere in her advise (not giving a sales pitch), and did subscribe to the monitoring program for awhile.


After several other incidents, including my husband's federal retirement

fund being breached, we decided to put  locks on our credit reports

from the 3 main credit reporting agencies.  Without credit checks,

anyone with our personal information, will not be able to open new

credit card accounts, get car loans, our names.  This was easy

to do over the phone and only cost a small amount.  We were sent

codes through the mail, if and when we want to temporarily or

permanently remove the credit check blocks.  I had read about

this in the business section of our local newspaper - it gives us

some peace of mind...


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When my card was last compromised at my bank the gal who works handling all this told me they dont go after these people...It would be to costly and most of the time they are not in this country..She said this is all she does daily dealing with hundreds of thefts.My bank is small compared to some...So these creeps know they can keep doing it because nothing will happen.

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If someone gets ahold of the numbers on my debit card and attempts to use it, I get a telephone call from my banks fraud dept. advising me of such and telling me the card is closed and that I need to come into the bank and fill out paperwork of the fraud.


If the card is compromised or possibly compromised, I get a letter in the mail telling me my a new card is forthcoming and to watch my account carefully.