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Tomorrow I go back to my grandson's school  schedule.  I love him dearly but at this point he is bored and so am I. Lol.

He is in 2nd grade.  I will only be watching him from 7am until 9am when I drop him off at school.  More time for me in my day now.  Spoiled him rotten over the summer.

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I miss those days .

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Grandchildren are meant to be spoiled it's your duty as a grandparent Woman LOL!

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Re: Back To School

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I bought a 'fridge magnet years ago that says "Welcome to Grandma's house. Children spoiled while you wait."  My DS and DDIL got a kick out of that.


I used to let the grand girls bounce on the bed with me standing right there! At first son and dil weren't sure but I told them "hey that's what kids do at grandma's" so they relented. Of course as the girls got bigger they stopped.

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I had my granddaughters this summer for almost a month. Since we hadn't seen them since Dec. 2019 because of covid, we were going to make up for lost time.


I have a wall hanging that says: What happens at Mimis, stays at Mimis.

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I’m proud to be a “Mimi” myself, to a boy of 13 and a girl of 8.

I chose the name because it sounded like fun.  And our kiddos are great fun.