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If you saw a crime being committed or someone being assualted would you interfere  or would you be more concerned with your own life and not get involved.

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Lot of ifs here regarding circumstances.  Can't generalize.

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Call 911. Always. From there, it depends on the situation.


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@aj1980 wrote:

If you saw a crime being committed or someone being assualted would you interfere  or would you be more concerned with your own life and not get involved.



Too vague and too little known about the hypothetical situation.


At the very least I'd probably call 911, but some would just whip out their phones and video it.   

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@aj1980.  Not a fair question.  Many of us here are older, somewhat fragile, and not able to engage in hand-to-hand combat.  In this day and age, it's not smart to become confrontational in someone else's battle.  I'd  be right there to dial 911 or serve as a wittness.

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Re: Are you a bystander?

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What sort of crime?


Are there apparent weapons involved?


How many alleged perpetrators against just me?


Day?  Night?


Can I call 9-11


No simple answer. 


As always to this person's questions there are many, many, many unanswerable variables. 



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It depends on the circumstances.  I suppose I would get myself to safety first and then call the police.

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It would depend on the circumstances. If it would put my own life in jeopardy, no. But would I whip out my cellphone and call 911, yes. The world is so crazy now. You never know who may be carrying a gun.

  Back in the mid 1980's I was robbed at gunpoint at the store I was working at. The guy was caught after I identified him from a photo line up. I think about that every now and then, and I feel pretty sure if that would have happened in this day and age, he probably would have shot me.

  So yes, I would do everything I could to help, short of putting my own life in danger.

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My husband was a law enforcement officer for over 40 years, one of my sons is a law enforcement officer for over 20 years.


If I saw someone being assaulted, I would immediately call 911 if the situation was dangerous.


If the  assult did not include a weapon, I would open my big mouth and yell as I have done in the past.  I once got between a large nasty man who was kicking a toddler repeatedly on a beach.  I spoke up.


He threatened me, I told him to go ahead and hit me. The beach was crowded with witnesses.  He backed down and he left.  His poor wife was terrified.


I have also confronted a teenage girl was assulting my elderly father by knocking him down.


I once spoke up and screamed at and pushed a man away who was pulling/pushing my older friend out of a riding handicapped cart at Costco.  She was slow getting out and I was trying to open her folding walker for her when he began his assault.


He was lucky I didn't hit him.  I was extremely protective and angry.  He finally stood back and waited.


I have also spoken up against people calling others racial slurs and yelled at kids bullying other kids.


I have been this way my whole life.  My children and siblings are too as well as our parents and extended family members.


It's how we roll.  It's in our genes.





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Re: Are you a bystander?

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To interfere with an ongoing crime, in my opinion, is not very smart.  Where I come from, being a hero gets you shot, possibly killed.  In my opinion, it is naive to think otherwise. Go where no-one can see or hear you and then call 911.