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Granny Smith

Saving time & trouble. If I offend you, I am sorry.
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I love apples.....  But now that I am having problems with my teeth it is difficult to chew them.  Especially with the skin on them.  Have to peel them first.  But I do like applesauce.....have no problem with that.  


Like the sweet and juicy apples.  Know several families that go apple picking at a farm on the other side of the river here.  They love doing that and always go home with more than they can use....but do share with others.

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I like Honeycrisps, too.


I'll also bake with Macintosh and Jonathan apples, too. 

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Re: Apple Season!!

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DH loves honeycrisp....they are so expensive! I prefer Jonathan apples, but their season is so short that I have trouble finding them sometime. I rarely cook with apples...we like them fresh and cool....yum!