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Anyone have experience with E-Cigs?

I didn't know where to post this, so figured this was as good as any where!

I'm wondering if anyone could give me their personal experience with the E-cigarettes? Yes, I know, they still have nicotene, but from what I'm reading if you have to smoke, they're much healthier than regular ones as they do not have the actual smoke and most of the other chemicals which goes into your lungs and causes the diseases and cancer. Is this correct? I am not asking for myself (I don't smoke) but for DH. I need to find something for him as an alternative because he will not quit and he needs to stat. He's tried pills - says they don't work. Tried patches - same thing. I suggested hypnosis and he laughed at me. He needs to have a placebo. That's why I was hoping the E-Cigs would be better. I know they're probably not that great either, but I'm trying to help his lungs. I'd appreciate any input! Thank you.

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