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Anyone else clash with husbands about money issues at this time of the year?

I'm opening this subject because I strongly believe that others have the same or similar issues. Maybe we can offer suggestions to each other.

My current situation:

Usually, I'm working and try to purchase many of the smaller gifts. But, this year I am out of work.

So, money issues that normally occur during this time of the year have escalated. I have learned how to cope with this situation, over the years. But, yesterday, I was in bed by 3:00pm, because I was so drained.

Financially, things are tighter this year and he has lots of pressure at work. But, after being raised by a mother, who made the rest of us miserable during the holidays, I'm not willing to take it anymore. From anyone.

I did the absolutely worse thing I could do and started yelling back. Years ago, a therapist told me not to - under any circumstances - buy into a yelling session. I used to get depressed and feel bad, but I really worked during therapy. And I won't regress.

My sister is off-the-wall also, at this time of the year. She hosts Christmas and a birthday celebration the week prior to Christmas. I suggested that this year, because she is very pressured at work, that we celebrate her birthday and my nephews, on Christmas Day. She started yelling and I pushed the out-of-here button on my cell phone.

I'm trying to complete course work for state certification and it is very stressful. The final is Dec. 15. I'm doing this so that I can apply for jobs.

BTW: we are not living beyond our means. I always run all purchases by him.

Any suggestions will be most appreciated.



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Re: Anyone else clash with husbands about money issues at this time of the year?

Opt out this year.  Maybe next year finances will be better.