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@occasionalrain wrote:

A couple of posters made insulting comments that were clearly meant for her. It was unkind and, had she seen them, would have been hurt. 


While they disliked her posts, others enjoy them and miss her.

How sad.  She isn't one to *target* anyone, specifically.  At least not that I've ever seen.


I hope you come back @annabellethecat  

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@KingstonsMomIG wrote:

Yes, her lost post was January 1, 2021.



That most likely was the one wherein a certain segment of customers were targeted with a rather negative name.


I believe a number of posters were not happy.




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No one on this thread has called other posters "stupid". As yet. They referred to the comments as stupid. 


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If indeed some posters here don't like her posts, why don't they just pass them by?

I've always enjoyed her posts.

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Love Annabellthecat! Don't understand the pettiness sometimes. If someone's not your cup of tea, then by all means don't read their posts. 



@Pantsonfire2 wrote:

Annabellthecat is my FAVORITE poster ...  I LOVE her stories ...   I hope NO ONE was STUPID enough to insult her ...  there are many of you I could do without but Annabellthecat is not one of them ...  


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Now I know for sure that some people don't read all the Posts within a Thread. And this is a very short Thread.