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I signed up with Angie's List and did not have a good experience. (One that could've turned deadly.) An electrician who said he had experience with pools came to our house and had no idea where to start locating the source of a short! I told him I thought the problem might be with the spa light. That's when he admitted he didn't even know how to drain the spa to check it out because he DIDN'T really work on pools or spas. And when he asked me to help him bail the water out, by hand with a bucket, I knew I was in trouble. So, I paid him, thanked him for his time, and threw my Angie's List booklet away.

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I belonged a few yrs ago and used it 1 time. Had the house power washed and after they left, I realized they forgot to clean a whole section of the vinyl on the house. I didn't bother to call them back. Very expensive too. Recently I got an email from lawyers because there is a class action lawsuit against Angie's list and every former member would receive either $ 5.00 or $ 10.00 or get a free subscription. Too much detail to go into here but bottom line is I sure wouldn't advise belonging to Angie's List even if free. Much better to get recommendations from friends or neighbors etc.

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When I signed up it was for $$ and it was yearly auto-renew with CC. Took me 3-4 years before I caught it at the right time and said no more. On principle, I d not like businesses that auto-renew.


Even now that they are "free" it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There is a lawsuit pending (just got an email within the last 24 hrs) based on "Angie" not being honest about paid advertising & reviews. The cimpany is not contesting.


I personally wouldn't believe a word they say.

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I signed up for the free membership, and now I get annoying emails almost daily touting their services.  Haven't had a need for anything they endorse and will try to limit the number of emails I receive.  Wish me luck.  Nothing is free!

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I was turned off by the fee to join Angie's list so I don't care that it's free now.
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I had joined when it was a pay service and was not impressed.  If I wanted to expand the area into another zip code because there were no contractors listed in my zip for the job I needed they wanted me to pay again.


Canceled and got my $ back.  



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I subscribed to Angie's List a few years ago when I got some kind of promotional offer.  After a few months, I cancelled the service as there were very few businesses in my area that were listed.  I was not impressed.  They did refund the balance of the subscription fee.

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Read the fine print carefully. Sounds like they will be sharing your info with the world. I decided not to join because of that.

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I joined when it became free but I have had better luck with Home Advisor.  My sister has used Home Advisor for years and had good luck.  I'm not sure if other states have this or not, but in Virginia they have the online licensing database so you can look that up.   


When I typed info into the Home Advisor site, no sooner had I hit "send" and my phone was ringing.  I took down the info of the company and told them I had a doctor appt and asked if I could call when I returned.  I went to the online website and I could see that the company was indeed licensed.  Home Advisor says that they try to verify if the companies are insured/bonded but all that can change so suggest that you do that due diligence on your own.    BTW, the company I got from Home Advisor is absolutely fantastic and used them a LOT to make repairs to my home before putting it up for sale.  Intend to use them for my new home I'm having built.

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I joined Angie's List years ago when you had to pay.  I don't use them a lot, but have good experiences when I do use them.


First, I only use A rated companies with lots of reviews. All categories - except price - must have the highest rating.  Then I read all the reviews before making a selection.


i found a great plumber when I had a water leak and my regular plumber would not even answer my phone calls. I also found the electrical company that rewired my house (an electrician friend had done some potentially dangerous repair work, that I was completely unaware of).


 I have never had a problem with any of the companies I

pick.  So for me, Angie's List has been very useful.  


One thing I do not like: they recently redesigned their website and I find it difficult to navigate. It was fine before.