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In August of this year, we adopted Olivia from the county shelter. She is a rat terrier, about 1 year old (they estimate).

When we first got her she was having difficulty eating and had a lot of separation anxiety. Well we tried several bowls from pet stores and she wasn't interested. Finally we got a bowl from the dollar store, and she will gladly eat from it. Or she will eat her kibble from her kong, and regularly.

As to the separation, we have started leaving her for small periods, in our spare bedroom (where her crate is) and with toys, a peanut butter kong and one of her blankies. She has gotten much better, as she is realizing that we always come back. In fact hubby was gone 2 hours for a doctor's appt. the other day, and she was quite calm.

She also had a fear of my crocheting and I've let her see that there is nothing to fear, familiarizing her with it. She also now has a blankie I've crocheted for her and I think she's aware of it.

All in all, we are very pleased at the progress she is making in a relatively short time.