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Just heard on the nes abt Amazon sidewalk  which includes "  certain Ring Floodlight cam and Spotlight models as late as last year "  .Along with compatible Amazon Echo devices will be added to the network Tuesday.  I found this article  that explains how it works  and some security concerns . You can opt out , if you choose.

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Yes, thank you.


This was posted last week and I did opt out.

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Here is the thread, complete with the "How-to" for opting out.

Posted by @IamMrsG .

  Click 👉  Here 

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@Camille1936      Good to know... will go to  my Alexa app on Tuesday and opt out.

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Thanks.  I got something from Amazon about this, maybe a month ago, saying it was rolling out and I could opt out, but the option wasn't on my account at the time, so I forgot about it.


I was able to opt out yesterday.

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